Is your PC running slow or stuttering? With the demands of today to have access to a PC it’s not surprising that it stops performing to the speed or performance it once used to. Every PC needs a regular service or MOT to review its overall performance and find solutions keep it running at its optimum level. Over time unused files build up on the hard drive, adding and removing software leaves behind a messy hard drive, as well as dust building up inside the PC case can cause it not only to slow down but also over heat. All these factors reduce the efficiency of your computer – meaning you don’t get the performance you’d got used to. To keep your PC in shape the I recommend you have a PC Health Check once a year. We have developed a complete service similar to a car service and MOT with our comprehensive Healthcheck, which focuses on a number of critical areas, which include: - Full virus and Spyware check - A comprehensive consultation and advice to improve the PC’s performance - Full diagnosis and 50 point check - Advise on upgrades to improve performance - Installation of any upgrades at the time of the service - A full detailed report performed prior and after the Healthcheck, to show you the overall efficiency achieved.